What are we looking for at USW?

Tips for writing about your experience and achievements when applying for a job at the University of South Wales

As part of our online application form, applicants are asked to complete a section on their Experience and Achievements. You can use up to 4000 words, which allows for quite a lot of detail. But what exactly are we looking for? Here are some tips that should help.

  • This section of the application form allows you to explain exactly why you’re suitable for the job for which you’re applying: use it to demonstrate to the selection panel that you’re the person for the job by showing exactly how you meet the criteria for the role.
  • You’ll find the criteria in the person specification for the post (as part of the job description). These are the things we need someone doing the job to know, have experience of and be able to do, so make sure you explain how they relate to you, giving evidence to prove it.
  • The shortlisting panel aren’t psychic and probably won’t have a detailed understanding of your previous jobs or tasks so you need to explain what the relevance is.
  • It’s important to be specific: don’t just list your achievements, demonstrate them. Think about actual examples rather than vague statements.
  • It needs to be well written and easily understood: don’t feel you have to use showy language.
  • Think about asking someone else to read it to look for typos or anything which doesn’t make sense. Alternatively, have your computer read it to you: many computers or free online tools can turn your text into speech. Hearing exactly what you’ve written (rather than what you think you’ve written) might highlight any errors.
  • Give yourself plenty of time: our job applications automatically close at midnight at the end of the closing date. (See our previous post ‘The five questions we hear the most...’)

Don’t forget: if you want to come back to your application to finish it later, click the ‘Save & Return’ button. This will email you a unique passcode so you can access your form at another time.